At Tileworks we offer a vast range of customer services:

Initial site visit and measure
This is Free of charge, we will come to your home and access the area you are intending to renew, advise you on all aspects of work, measure up and provide you with possible solutions!

Design service
As individuals we have varied opinions and unique expectations when it comes to design, we will guide your own tastes into that unique design for you,  we will help with not only colours, layouts and positioning, but can also draw you a wall by wall CAD drawing which will help vision come closer to reality, whilst helping iron out the fitting layout.

Fitting service
We can organise one of our approved fitters to contact you and price the fitting aspect, or if you don’t want any hassle at all we can organise everything for you.

Full Bathroom Installations
Not only can we arrange the tiling of your new bathroom, we can do it all.  Plumbing, electrical, joinery, tiling…… everything looked after by us!  This is a very simple solution for many people as we take all the hassle out of dealing with timing of the various trades, and we also aim to turn an average bathroom around in 1 week, start to finish minimising the rooms down time! 

Hear what our customers think

We provide a vast array of services from a full fit out in a private build to a new bathroom floor.

Visit us in store and chat to one of our experts today.

  • Bespoke cutting service

    Bespoke cutting service

  • Free delivery

    Free delivery

  • Floor moisture testing

    Floor moisture testing

  • Free initial call out and measure

    Free initial call out and measure

  • Design, Plan, Install

    Design, Plan, Install

Spending money on tiles can be a daunting prospect, and choosing the right ones for you is really only half of the job! Fitting is almost more important!

Since the financial crisis, there have been a large number of ‘white van men’ who have left a trail of destruction in people’s homes, by not having the experience or skills to fit tiles. Therefore people’s dreams of that ‘perfect job’, which they have spent hard earned money on doing, have been dashed! 

At Tileworks we have a list of independent Professional and fully vetted Tilers. Most tile retailers will give you a list of local Tilers, however as they are independent, the retailer will not guarantee their work! 

That is were Tileworks are different! 

We have a select number of Tilers who work independently, but as the Tile Retailer we will still stand over their work! This is a unique feature of our service and gives you peace of mind, should anything go wrong with your job.

We achieve this by vetting our Tilers closely and examining all aspects of their work, including their experience, quality, pricing and even their insurances! 

This is all to give our customers the best possible fitting experience, and ultimately the best quality job!


Johnny O’Hagan, Greenhill Bathrooms

Johnny O’Hagan

Greenhill Bathrooms



Stephen Dow, S Dow Tiling

Stephen Dow

S Dow Tiling

077 8751 7214


Mike Weineger,

Mike Weineger

077 7076 5609


Warren Anderson,

Warren Anderson

077 1063 2554


Gary Thompson,

Gary Thompson

077 9215 5496


Guy McIntyre, McIntilers

Guy McIntyre


078 7400 9168


John Monteith,

John Monteith

079 6665 3107


Neil Grant,

Neil Grant

077 1957 2413


Alan Gunning,

Alan Gunning

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Dave Roberts,

Dave Roberts

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Paul, Simply Stilish


Simply Stilish

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Rick Davis,

Rick Davis

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Eddie Johnston, Build Me

Eddie Johnston

Build Me

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